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Liberty BASIC / Liberty BASIC 5 update - new alpha build 350
« on: August 10, 2019, 09:14:18 PM »
For those interested in trying out Liberty BASIC v5.0 which includes support for the Raspberry Pi please visit this page for more information.


A summary of what's new in this build is below.

Thank you.

-Carl Gundel, author of Liberty BASIC

Build 350 Notes

For Windows use the lb5alpha.exe file.
For Linux 32-bit use the lin32-350 file: ./lin32-350 lb5alpha.im
For Raspberry Pi use the rpi-alpha file: ./rpi-alpha lb5alpha.im
For MacOS double click on the lb5-350 app. You may need to press and hold
right click to popup a menu and use Ctrl+Open to overcome permissions.

- Added the SpecialKey$ global variable for capturing special keys in the
graphics window. If keys such as Page Up, F1, Home, etc. are pressed when
the "when characterInput" feature is specified, the value of the keypress
will be assigned to SpecialKey$ in the form of "PAGEUP", "F1", "HOME", etc.

- Fixed the setfocus feature of the graphicbox and graphics windows. It wasn't
doing anything for #handle "setfocus" and it wasn't implemented at all for
#handle setfocus().

- Implemented upto$() function from LB4.

- Implemented replstr$() function from LB4.

- Implemented remchar$() function from LB4.

- Implemented endswith() function from LB4.

- Implemented after$() function from LB4.

- Implemented afterlast$() function from LB4.

- Added HTTPS support for httpget$() function.

- Fixed #graphics set(x, y) to use the pen size to draw larger pixels.

- Enabled the BASIC Source Code Path option in the preferences dialog.

- Optimized some graphics drawing to make things a little faster.

- Fixed #text selectall(). Note that the window must be active for the
selection to be visible. This will be fixed later.

- Fixed the not understood error using LOF() on Linux, MacOS, and Raspian.

- Tweaked the BASIC code editor font to make it slightly smaller. Later the
font will be user specifiable.

- Fixed the Tab key handling in the BASIC code editor that it will insert
spaces when the tab key is used to make it work like earlier versions of
Liberty BASIC.

- Added support for ODBC database connectivity. See example callerODBC.bas.

- Added LPRINT and DUMP commands.

- Renamed the RUN command to LIBRARY and made a new RUN command that works
similar to the RUN from Liberty BASIC v4.x, but RUN doesn't yet run .BAS
programs. You can use LIBRARY for that.

- Added a #handle "print" command for graphics printing. Only partly functional
at this time.

- The confirm statement was not properly returning 0 or 1 and "no" and "yes"
depending on whether a numeric or string variable was used for the return value.

- BASIC Source Code Path is now supported in the Liberty BASIC preferences.

- Reactivated the Main window columns: rows: fields in the Liberty BASIC

Liberty BASIC / About Liberty BASIC
« on: April 20, 2019, 11:23:52 PM »
You can find the Liberty BASIC website at http://www.libertybasic.com and our community forum at http://libertybasiccom.proboards.com

Liberty BASIC was developed starting back in 1991 and was first released in 1992 for Microsoft Windows.  A version for OS/2 was also in the works and was released as a beta version but cancelled when IBM discontinued OS/2.

Liberty BASIC is inspired by the BASIC interpreters of the 1970s and 1980s in terms of it's simplicity.  It is similar to Microsoft BASICs of that time but it adds modern language features such as named functions and subroutines, structured programming and it drops the requirement of using line numbers.  This is similar to QBASIC in its format.  Liberty BASIC also includes an easy way to make GUIs from windows, buttons, lists, checkboxes, menus, etc.  It can call out to operating system APIs and can use external DLLs.

Other features include:

-A syntax coloring editor
-Debugger with stepping and breakpoints
-Graphics and sprite animation
-WAV file sound and MIDI support
-Joystick reading

We are currently shipping Liberty BASIC v4.5.1 and now actively alpha testing a completely new implementation of Liberty BASIC v5.0 which is our first Liberty BASIC for multiple operating systems including Windows, MacOS, x86 and 64-bit Linux and the Raspberry Pi.

Hey all,

This is a very exciting time for us!  We recently began alpha testing for Liberty BASIC v5.0 and this includes a native ARM version for the Raspberry Pi!

If you're interested in BASIC and can brave the thorns and briars of alpha testing please check out our announcement here.


Hope to see you!  :-)

-Carl Gundel, author of Liberty BASIC

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