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Author Topic: BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 version 1.04a released  (Read 2423 times)

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BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 version 1.04a released
« on: June 24, 2019, 04:19:25 pm »
I have released version 1.04a of BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0, the cross-platform programming language for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Raspbian, Android and iOS.  The changes in this version are as follows:
  • BASIC Interpreter / Run Time Engine

    The VDU 23,24,n| command updates the 'character spacing adjustment' when a proportional-spaced font is used (negative values cause the characters to close up, positive values cause them to spread apart).

    The @tmp$ system variable has been changed on Linux (including Raspbian) and MacOS so that it points to a user-specific directory.  Previously, problems could arise if BBC BASIC was run as 'root' (causing files with root ownership to be stored in @tmp$) and then subsequently as a user without privileges to delete them.  On other platforms @tmp$ has always been user-specific.
  • Example Programs

    hangman.bbc: David Williams' nice hangman program, ported to BBCSDL whilst preserving its original look-and-feel as closely as possible.

    figleaf.bbc: A rendition of Scott Joplin's 'Fig Leaf Rag' (transcribed by Ron Stickley for my Z80 Music program in 1984) accompanied by an animated 3D piano keyboard.
This new version may be downloaded, for all the supported platforms, from the usual location.  The GitHub repository has been updated (used to build the MacOS, Raspbian, iOS and 64-bit Linux editions, currently) although doubts have been expressed over whether GitHub is the right solution going forwards.

Please remember that if you use the Android Application Generator you should download a new APK template to ensure that any updates to the run-time engine are incorporated in your own apps.