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« on: April 15, 2019, 02:07:05 am »
The following resources are available for the Raspberry Pi.

ScriptBasic Runtime - RPi Zero (this version runs on all models of the Raspberry Pi)

ScriptBasic Runtime - Rpi ARMv7 (B / B+ Doesn't run on the Zero)

ScriptBasic Runtime - AppImage (ARMv7 single file no install)

DEB Install (installs needed dependences as well)
sudo apt install ./scriptbasic-2.1-linux-armhf.deb

Extract the sb file from the zip in a directory in the system path.

Note: The DEB installs use scriba to run scripts and the AppImage uses sb to run them.

The source can be found in the AllBASIC sandbox.

Extract your source download whch will create a sb-dev directory. Make sure you install the developer dependencies for the extension modules.

libmariadbclient-dev-compat (provides mysqlclient)

sudo perl jamal.pl -i    (this adds a Perl module the ScriptBasic build system needs but normally not installed by default)

./setup   (this builds the ScriptBasic runtime executables and include files created in the bin directory.

If all goes well, run the mkdeb.sh script to create the PACKAGES .deb install file or create a local install using mkdist.sh <dest dir>.

Documentation (User and Developer) can be found in the ScriptBasic Wiki.

Feel free to send me a PM (Private Message) or post your questions to the ScriptBasic forum board.

Attached is a set of scripts and data files I use to test the extension modules with.

Additional Extension Modules

GPM Fibo
Extract the zip and put the gmp.so extension module that should go in the /usr/local/lib/scriba directory.


* Unzip to a tmp directory.
* Copy libtinyscheme.so to your /usr/lib/ directory.
* Copy ts.so to your /usr/local/lib/scriba/ directory.
* Copy the remaining examples and init.scm to your ScriptBasic examples directory where ever that may be.

Note: The init.scm file is a Lisp script that adds additional syntax to your Lisp scripts.

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