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John Spikowski:
I'm in the process of creating a ScriptBasic build for the new RPi Pico. ScriptBasic by design is an embeddable highly configurable micro controller scripting engine. It is used commercially by Banner Engineering and Controlled Soutions with their micro controller solutions.

If you have interest in joining me in this adventure, send support@raspberrybasic.org a request to join the forum.

John Spikowski:
My Pico arrived. I installed the Pico development system on my RPi 4B running Ubuntu 20.04 64 bit.

The blink example compiled and ran fine on the Pico.

John Spikowski:
After taking a peek at the MicroPython implementation on the Pico. I can't see having to run ScripBasic in single step debug mode. C is the language best fit for the Pico.

John Spikowski:
I've decided to put my ScriptBasic embedded controller efforts into the Zero. A few bucks more and not a crippled toy like the Pico. I'm sure the Pico has a purpose but I don't know what it is yet.
I have yet to discover any resemblance of an OS.

Sort of like a microwave CPU being repurposed to control the stove.

John Spikowski:
After getting over ruining my first Pico installing the headers, my hybrid Pico arrived today. Headers, reset button and WIFI. Now to have some fun with CBASIC.


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