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Author Topic: BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 version 1.21a released  (Read 1656 times)

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BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 version 1.21a released
« on: April 16, 2021, 01:41:25 PM »
I've released version 1.21a of BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 - the cross-platform programming language for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Raspbian, Android, iOS and in-browser.  The changes in this version are as follows:
  • BASIC Interpreter / Run Time Engine

    Mapped keyboard shortcuts Cmd+A, Cmd+C, Cmd+F, Cmd+V, Cmd+X and Cmd+Z to their Ctrl equivalents for improved compatibility with Apple Macs.

    Fixed a couple of minor differences between the 32-bit x86 editions and the ARM/64-bit editions.

  • IDEs and Utilities

    Added compiler directives to SDLIDE.bbc to simplify building a standalone version in BB4W.

    Modified memusage.bbc, profiler.bbc, searchin.bbc and sdldebug.bbc to be compatible with BB4W as well as BBCSDL.

  • Libraries

    Added box2ddbg.bbc to support Box2D Debug Graphics, largely compatible with the equivalent BB4W library.

    Fixed a bug in box2dlib.bbc affecting Gear Joints on 64-bit platforms.

    Fixed a bug in dlglib.bbc causing the trackbar control not to scale to the specified range.

    Fixed a bug in treeview.bbc causing mouse clicks not to be reliably detected.

  • Example Programs

    Added pinball.bbc (in examples/physics) which demonstrates combining Box2D and 3D rendering.

    Added voronoi.bbc (in examples/graphics/) which is another shader demo.

    Modified recorder.bbc to increase the range of level adjustment (100% is now 'mid-range').

    Modified the other demos in examples/physics to take advantage of the box2ddbg library (press D to display the Debug Graphics).
This version may be downloaded, for all the supported platforms, from the usual location.  The GitHub repository has been updated (used to build the MacOS, Raspbian, Android, iOS, 64-bit Linux and in-browser editions, currently).