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Author Topic: BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 version 1.34a released  (Read 1105 times)

Richard Russell

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BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 version 1.34a released
« on: February 07, 2023, 12:36:48 PM »
I have released version 1.34a of BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 - the cross-platform programming language for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Raspberry Pi OS, Android, iOS and in-browser.  The main changes are as follows:
  • BASIC Interpreter / Run Time Engine

    Updated the version of SDL to 2.26.2 (Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS editions) or 2.24.2 (in-browser edition).

    Updated the version of SDL_ttf to 2.20.1 (Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS editions) or 2.0.15 (in-browser edition).

    Updated the version of SDL_net to 2.2.0 (Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS editions).

  • IDEs and Utilities

    Added the addconst utility (desktop editions only) to scan a program and create a list of SDL constant declarations on the clipboard.

    Updated SDLIDE to include addconst in the Utilities menu (slot 5).

    Updated the compiler utility to include hidden files in a Linux bundle, and to support the use of labels without having to disable any crunch options.

  • Libraries

    Added script.bbc to support the Harfbuzz text-shaping engine available in SDL2_ttf 2.20.1.

    Updated pdflib.bbc to improve the 'hardcopy' capability (which now behaves similarly to *HARDCOPY in BB4W).

    Updated dlglib.bbc to fix the recently-reported crash on scrolling a listbox too far with the mouse wheel.

  • Example Programs

    Updated pdfdemo.bbc to demonstrate the new capabilities of the pdfib library.

    Updated unicode.bbc to use the new script library for rendering Arabic text.

    Updated tower.bbc to use the SDL_RenderGeometry() API, available in SDL 2.0.18 and later.  This may mean it will no longer run in Linux, depending on the version of SDL available from your repository.
This version may be downloaded, for all the supported platforms, from the usual location.  The GitHub repository has also been updated.

John Spikowski

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Re: BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 version 1.34a released
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2023, 07:55:46 PM »
Thanks Richard for keeping us updated with releases.

I haven't been playing with my array of RPi's so I don't have much to share.
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